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Daily posting for Blogger


1. Log in to your account

2. Click the Settings link at the upper right

3. Under Blogging, click the “daily blog posting” link

4. Click “add a new thingy” and a text input form appears

5. Enter the following into the form, and enter your relevant details in the {brackets}

job_name : Daily Post (or any title you want)

out_name : {Your Blogger Username}

out_pass : {Your Blogger Password}

out_url : Your blogspot url

out_time : 0-23 (the GMT that you want the post to happen. 0 = 8pm EST)

out_blog_id : Your Blogger blog ID.

out_cat_id : This doesn’t work in Blogger. Put any number here.

6. Click “Submit Query”

7. Daily postings should begin at the next out_time!