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how to do it for Wordpress users

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Daily del.icio.us posting for Wordpress


1. Log in to your del.icio.us account

2. Click the Settings link at the upper right

3. Under Blogging, click the “daily blog posting” link

4. Click “add a new thingy” and a text input form appears

5. Enter the following into the form, and enter your relevant details in the {brackets}

job_name : WordPress Daily Post (or any title you want)

out_name : {Your WordPress Username}

out_pass : {Your WordPress Password}

out_url : http://{Your Blog URL}/xmlrpc.php

out_time : 0-23 (the GMT that you want the post to happen. 0 = 8pm EST)

out_blog_id : 1 (if you have multiple blogs in your WP installation, use the blog_id for the blog you wish the links to appear on)

out_cat_id : this is an optional way to specify what category the posts should go into. A value of 1 will post them to the default category. Otherwise, find the category id of the category you'd like to post your daily links to.

6. Click “Submit Query”

7. Daily postings should begin at the next out_time!

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